Even if there is no direct option to run Kodi on Roku in an official way, still users can find some options throughout the internet for getting this done. All those options uses the Screen Mirroring feature to make the Kodi run on Roku. If you are searching for a way to run Kodi on Roku without screen mirroring, you will probably end with no results. So, we recommend you follow the easy steps with the help of screen mirroring if you want to enjoy the all good Kodi for Roku. Using this feature, you can either make the Kodi run for Roku through your Android devices or through your Windows devices.

Before starting with the Kodi on Roku install process, please make sure to follow the below two important steps.
Both the Roku and the Android / Windows device should be connected to the same network.
The screen mirroring option is available in Android and Windows smartphones only and not in iPhones. So, make sure to use a Windows / Android device only for this process.
Once you are ready with the devices, the next step is to enable the screen mirroring in your Roku and the smartphones. In Roku, you can find this option in the settings menu, for Roku running on versions v.5.6 and above. For older versions, you can’t find this option and hence it will not work with your smartphones. The same feature need to be enabled in your smartphones as well. The presence of this option may vary in different phones, but in most cases it comes under the display option.
After successfully enabling this feature in the Roku and the smartphone you can simply connect these two devices. Then your smartphones display will be shared to your TV through Roku. This is the easiest way to run Kodi on Roku stick without computer.


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