People who uses these Software individually may at least think once that what will be the experience both of them can bring together. But is it possible to get the Kodi entertainment center on Roku? If somebody asks me this question, my straight away answer will be a No. But it doesn’t mean that there is no option to get this set up done. Even if there is no direct option to enable direct connectivity between these two, still there are some work around available to make it possible.


The Kodi is designed to work with Operating Systems like Android, Windows etc. With the help of devices running on these platforms, users can easily get Kodi for Roku. The basic scenario for making this possible is to use the Screen sharing feature of your Android or Windows based devices. The users can then run the Kodi app on their devices and with the help of screen sharing the same will be displayed in the Roku also.
Kodi is yet to provide any official solution to make it run on Roku. Till the time, they will come up with a solution for this, we have no other option than the screen mirroring. However, it is found that this will not give the users the actual experience of enjoying the Kodi. It just works like an expansion only and hence has some limitations as well. But we have no other option available till now and hence forced to follow this process only. It is also observed that the Kodi is not that much important for Roku to provide a good quality entertainment.

Roku itself is strong enough to provide the users with the best video and music experience. All you required for this is a very good internet connection. So, unless if it is not that much necessary, we recommend using the Kodi and Roku separately as it can provide a much better performance experience to the users.


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